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Death, in good taste.

Welcome to Skelegance!

What is Skelegance?
Skelegance is a group that explores and promotes art which depicts death or the macabre presented in an elegant way with strong Victorian influence.

In Skelegance the focus is less on the blood, gore, and gloom of macabre art and more on on the ‘classier’ side of death, the underlining beauty and etherealness of the macabre. (Think skeletons-in-top-hats-drinking-tea.) All entries should depict either (1) death is some way, whether literally, figuratively, or implied, and/or (2) Victorian, mythic, or Steampunk elegance, and/or (3) an elegantly-dressed person (man or woman) or mythic personage experiencing some deep-seated emotion. Not everything here has to be Victorian, but Victorian is preferred. We're classy bitches who like skeletons and dead things.

About Submissions:
The gallery is broken up into many exciting folders. Go find one or more that you like!
You can submit to any of the galleries. In each folder there is a description of what kind of art should be submitted there. If you feel a deviation of yours fits into more than one of the folders, choose the folder that best emphasizes the main point of your piece, or feel free to ask the administer's opinion. If a deviation does not fit into the last four folders, it belongs in the Main Gallery. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ONE PIECE INTO MULTIPLE GALLERIES. Nudity is allowed as long as it's tasteful. If we deny a submission, please note us and we will provide you an explanation as to why it was denied, at your request. You do not need to be a member in order to submit to the gallery.

We do not accept:
- Fan art
- Fetish art or pornography
- Photos of actual dead people
- Anthros or Furries or whatever you call them
- Excessive amounts of blood or gore

If you don’t want blood, why is there a folder for it?
Like stated in the folder, sometimes death involves blood. We do accept some amounts of blood, just not excessive. Think a cup of blood rather than a gallon, and keep it classy.

Further information can be found under the 'About Us' tab. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you!

Gallery Folders

Demon Lover
Notorious Duos of the Victorian Era
Of Sweeney Todd
Pygmalion and My Fair Lady
Black Widows and Uxoricides
A Duo
Elegant Ladies Ferocious Beasts
Fashionably-Dressed Villains
Skeleton and Victorian Lady
All Dance
Portraits and Dolls
Of Tim Burton
Elegant People in the Cemetery
Ars Moriendi, or the Art of a Good Death
Elegant but Creepy Steampunk
Victorian Secrets
Elegant Vampires and Their Victims
True Love
Russian Elegance 1894-1917
Mermaids, Other Mythic Ladies
Anime, Manga, other Comic
Victorian Haute-Couture
Potions, Poison, Alchemy
A Quest
Ein Mysteriosen Vorfall: Mysterious Event
Chalimas the Shameless Woman
Sleletons Only
Nessushemd: Art of the Poisoned Gift
Mythic Creatures, Victorian People
Vanity Fair
Deep Emotion
Not PG-Rated
Doppelganger, or Double Self
Burtonesque with Personal Touch
Charles Dickens
Bronte Sisters
A Folder for Sorting Later
Empty Graveyards
Victorian Streets and Alleyways
Haunted Portraits
Impovershed Artists, Poets, and Musicians

Newest Members



:iconauthorsillustrated: AuthorsIllustrated Great Classic Novelists & Poets :iconpsych0tic-elegance: Psych0tic-Elegance Everything would be nonsense... :icontraditionallovers: TraditionalLovers :aww: :iconin-durance-vile: In-Durance-Vile :iconsweet-creeps: sweet-creeps :iconthe-mauve-decades: The-Mauve-Decades UNDER CONSTRUCTION :iconbakerstreettimelords: BakerstreetTimeLords Doctor Who Sherlock Holmes BBC :icontnbc-rus-fan: TNBC-rus-fan :icondarkdeviants: DarkDeviants :iconlamp-art-club: Lamp-Art-Club :iconsherlock-holmes-acd: Sherlock-Holmes-ACD :iconpencil-perfection: Pencil-Perfection :iconghoulnextdoor: GhoulNextDoor The Party Never Dies~ :iconwhats-the-piont: WHATS-THE-PIONT ALL your DARKEST fears are HERE! :iconheadsmansblock: HeadsmansBlock Immortal Immorality :iconsherlock-thinkers: Sherlock-thinkers :iconthemesofhorror: ThemesofHorror 200 Ways To Terrify :iconunclean-spirits: Unclean-Spirits :iconlovely-bella-notte: Lovely-Bella-Notte Pretty things lurk in the dark :iconqueenvictoriaengland: QueenVictoriaEngland All your Victorian needs. :icondeviant-nightmares: Deviant-Nightmares :icononlyyouroffbeatbest: OnlyYourOffbeatBest The Offbeat, Unusual, Phobic :icononlymacabregenres: OnlyMacabreGenres :icongothic-roses: Gothic-Roses :iconfeelingsofsoul: FeelingsOfSoul :iconimmortal-link: Immortal-Link Forever and Eternal Bound :iconsupernaturalfemmes: SupernaturalFemmes :icondrawing-spiration: Drawing-Spiration Get inspired by artists :iconi-love-manipulations: I-Love-Manipulations :iconundeadapocalypse: UndeadApocalypse That was longer than a heartbeat





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